Work From Home

Work From Home, Remote Office

Work from home is a normal practice more and more popular nowadays for many companies. Your office documents, company email, applications and other resources can be accessed remotely and your employees could work with their full capacity from home. 

With a little efforts your company activities could be fully adapted for work from home model. IT systems will be adjusted in a way to be accessible securely from remote location. After very short training, your employees could get all advantages of your company resources from home, accessible till now only from the office.

You are interested in work from home IT systems adaptation? Provide your email and we will get in touch with you.

We would like to remind to advice your employees to use comfortable chair, desk and suitable light at home in order not to harm his/her back and eyes. We normally have all these tools in the office, but not all employees have them at home. To prevent harm situations we suggest employees who work from home to use suitable chair and desk. Even very simple models could do their work perfectly.