Software patch

Do we have to install software updates

The software updates are intended to fix issues most commonly with security, to add new functionality, to fix not well working modules, to improve the performance and improve the software product in general.

How often do we need to apply software updates

Software companies regularly publish new updates (called as well patches). With such they fix some issues reported by the users or problems discovered in test labs. All kind of actively maintained software products are in scope of software updates – operating systems, programs, websites code, server platforms, virtualization hypervisors and more. In the last years publishing software updates happens more and more often and achieves several times a month.

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What could happen if we don’t install software updates

When we don’t apply the available software updates our systems are exposed at risk from viruses or hit some software bug. Software updates are highly recommended to be installed regularly in order to maintain good and healthy state of our operating systems and programs.