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Encryption of data, storage, hard disk

Data Encryption provides good protection of personal and business data which resides on servers or workstations. It could protect your important data from being stolen. Encrypted files cannot be seen as file name or opened without knowing the decrypting password.

You should encrypt your data in the following cases

  • There is a risk your office or personal IT equipment being stolen. Encrypted data will not be possible to be read from unauthorized persons
  • There is a risk unauthorized persons to get access to your server or workstation
  • You keep important finance or accounting documents
  • You keep personal files and email message related to important business communication
  • You keep business and personal contacts information

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Encryption software should provide the following features

  • Encrypt disk partition or entire volume
  • High reliability and option to select appropriate encryption algorithm
  • Allows decryption even if there is software issue
  • Encryption software should be chosen according the specific needs and type of the operating system
  • It is recommended in parallel with the encryption to use backup software to keep second copy of your data

Encryption disadvantages

  • Decryption operation requires server / workstation resources and could affect the performance
  • If you lost the decryption password, you could get into situation with no access to your data. In that case you could use backup service to restore your data
  • If there is a hardware issue with your storage, hard drive, SSD disk and you try to repair your data with recovery software, that kind of software could not be able to recover the encrypted blocks. You could use backup service to restore your data